13–15 January 2020
Dhahran EXPO
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Saudi Aramco


Saudi Aramco


Here is what our Sponsors have to say...

Mike Cousins

“ExxonMobil is proud to sponsor the IPTC which brings influential leaders together to share best practices and technological advancements to tackle new energy challenges. We start a new decade with IPTC 2020, and look forward to a bigger, better, and brighter future in energy.” 

Mike Cousins
Senior Vice President, ExxonMobil Upstream Business Development Company


Zaher I

“We are proud to be a principal sponsor to IPTC 2020. An event focused on technology and sharing expertise as well best practices among industry veterans is essential to ensuring we work towards a sustainable future in the industry. We look forward to being part of the conversation and showcase our latest technology and digital solutions that are customer focused.”

Zaher Ibrahim
President, Saudi Arabia, North Gulf & East Mediterranean,
Baker Hughes



"Halliburton is proud to sponsor IPTC 2020 – an important venue for collaborating with our customers and peers. It allows us to showcase our leading technology and continuous improvement initiatives that attain the lowest cost per BOE for our customers."

Samir Salous 
Vice President for Saudi and Bahrain, Halliburton


Ziad Jeha

"Schlumberger will be driving customer performance to new levels, by leading the digital E&P industry transformation, developing fit-for-basin solutions, capturing value from higher performance impact, and fostering capital stewardship."

"IPTC is a great venue to demonstrate our commitment as the performance company of choice, leveraging 80 years of local experience."

Ziad Jeha
President Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, Schlumberger



“NESR is proud to be a diamond sponsor of IPTC 2020. IPTC offers a unique opportunity to network and exchange knowledge. We will exhibit our fit-for-purpose solutions, state-of-the-art technologies, and engage our local talents in support of IPTC’s success in its first edition in Saudi Arabia.”

Hani Almaimani 
Executive Director, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain,
National Energy Services Reunited Corp. (NESR)


Here is what our Authors have to say...

Thomas c

The Most Reliable and Cost Effective Advanced Sulfur Recovery Technologies for Saudi Arabia and the Middle East Region

IPTC Paper 20024 | Technical Session 12: Novel Technologies in Gas Processing 13 January | 1600 hours

"I believe everyone in this planet Earth has a responsibility of keeping the earth environment green and healthy. Writing a paper about Fluor’s Advanced Sulfur Technologies and presenting it in IPTC 2020, I believe is an effective way of letting our clients in the Middle East region realise Fluor’s Sulfur Technologies for keeping a green and healthy environment for their communities."

Thomas Chow



Machine Learning Classification Model for Multiphase Flow Regimes in Horizontal Pipes

IPTC Paper 20058 | Technical Session 42: AI and Big Data in Production
14 January | 1400 hours

"For the past two years, I have been working on myself to learn how to code in python, and obtained Udacity’s certificate on Machine Learning Engineering. I identified a topic related to O&G, applied what I have learned, and now is the time to show the result of my investment in myself."

Mayadah Alhashem
Saudi Aramco



Training an Automated Directional Drilling Agent with Deep Reinforcement Learning in a Simulated Environment

IPTC Paper 19987 | Session 64: AI and Big Data in Drilling
15 January | 0900 hours

"We want to introduce our community to how we solve the real-world oil and gas decision-making problems, particularly in directional drilling, through the deep reinforcement learning framework. We hope to trigger the interest in the new technology among the community. Secondly, we want to hear the feedback from the community for further improvement and practical implementation."

Yingwei Yu


Franci B

A New Downhole System For Real Time Reservoir Fluid Distribution Mapping: E-remm, The Eni-reservoir Electro-magnetic Mapping System

IPTC Paper 19807 | Session 26: Geomechanics and Fracturing
14 January | 1100 hours

"We would like to communicate to our peers and to the management that the technical and economic impacts of our E-REMM technology are extremely high. It can change radically the approach to management of resources. In fact, it allows updating in real-time the 3D distribution of fluids in the reservoir. This knowledge is fundamental for making critical decisions during production/injection."

Franco Bottazzi



Diamondoids in Tracing Petroleum Systems: Case Studies from the Unconventional Reservoirs of North America

IPTC Paper 19748 | Session 18: Geoscience Aspects of Unconventional Reservoir Characterisation
13 January | 1600 hours

"Diamondoids are the ultimate natural geotracer molecules as they hold invaluable information about the fluid’s sources and thermal alterations. In the unconventional shale reservoirs, diamondoids are underutilised tools, and our paper is aimed at highlighting the advantages of diamondoid techniques to identify the sweet-spots and allocate produced hydrocarbons from unconventional mudrock reservoirs." 

Ibrahim Atwah
Saudi Aramco



Zuluf Gosp-3 Demothballing

IPTC Paper 19767 | Session 5: Better, Faster and Safer Production
13 January | 1100 hours

"The audience will gain more knowledge in which how to handle major scattered activities safely, asset integrity and reliability enhancements such as major rehabilitation works for 48” ZS-1 subsea trunkline. Also, learn synergising initiatives to optimise cost and time as well as debottlenecking Zuluf field potential by successful ZG-3 De-mothballing, where we started the GOSP (4) months ahead of schedule with additional oil gain."

Abdullah Al-Salam
Saudi Aramco


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